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Using Miro in Naer⚡
Using Miro in Naer⚡

Integrating with the tools you use everyday is something we at Naer strive for.

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Our first integration is Miro, enabling you to bring your ideas in and out of Naer. Keep in mind that the integration is still a work in progress.💜Currently, we only support synchronisation of sticky notes. Check out our Productboard Portal to see upcoming features and vote on your favorite feature! This is probably also a good time to mention that we have a Discord community, if that's something you might be interested in. If so, click the button bellow!

Here's a video showcasing the integration (and our early-days workshop room).

Get started

1. Go to, sign in, and click on "Integrations" in the menu.

2. Click on "Connect to Miro" and the Miro team you want to connect.

3. You have now connected Miro for your team. Only one team member need to activate the integration, it will now work for the entire team.

4. Click on “Get started, go to rooms” and select the room you want to connect to Miro. You can connect multiple rooms to muliple Miro board, but try not to connect multiple rooms to the same Miro board. That won't work.

5. You will now see that the option to select a board is now available.

6. Select the board you wish to connect from the Integrations dropdown menu. We will spawn a frame in you Miro board. This frame will act as a portal between your Miro board and your room in VR.

6.1 Click on "Nice, go on"

7. Click on "Open in Miro" to see the frame in you Miro board.

If you don’t see the frame in Miro, try searching for it. When selected, you will be taken to your frame. Try searching for "Naer" and it should pop up.

Important: Make sure you do not resize this frame.

Currently, this will break the integration and you sticky notes will not be synced. If you do resize it, disconnect the integration

In this frame you can you can drag in- and create sticky notes. These will automatically be synced between one of the walls in your VR-room in and the frame in your Miro board!

Again, if you want to join our community, the link is here. 💜

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