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First steps in VR 🥽
First steps in VR 🥽

Currently we support two headsets - the Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest Pro.

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Meta has created a video on how to get started using your VR headset. If you are new to VR, please have a look at the video.

Need to reset your headset?

If you got a headset that has been used before, or something went wrong during setup, chances are that you need to reset your headset in order to set up your own account.

  • Turn off headset.

  • Press and hold power and minus (-) buttons on the headset until it turns on and you see this screen:

  • Use +/- to scroll the list and use power button (tap) to select factory reset. Click yes to reset.

  • Headset will now reset and you have a “new” headset.

  • Turn on headset.

  • Complete the setup guide provided by the headset. Make sure you are on the same wifi on both your headset and mobile device.

Download the application

  1. If the menu is not visible, click on the Oculus button on your right controller (looks like an squeezed "O").

  2. Point your controller towards the orange store icon in the menu and use your trigger button to select.

  3. Select the search field at the top of the store panel

  4. Search for “Naer”.

  5. Select “View App”.

  6. Select “Naer” and View app.

  7. Select the blue button that says “Download”.

  8. App will now download to your headset.

Nice to know

In the bottom menu in your headset there is an icon with dots in it. This is where your apps are located. Select it and Naer will be available in your list of apps. You can drag Naer to your dock as well, if you want. 💜

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