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VR controllers🕹️
VR controllers🕹️

In Naer, you use the controllers to interact with items and perform different actions.

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Why can’t I just use my hands?

Despite the fact that hand-tracking has come really far from a technical perspective, you still lack the physical confirmation when interacting with objects. For example when you snap a sticky note to a wall in Naer, you get feedback from your controllers in the form of a vibration. This helps you get even more immersed in the experience, and provides cues for how the world works. If hand tracking is important to you, check out our product portal and leave a vote!

Controller layout

You use both controllers in Naer. They are mirrored, meaning that actions you can do with the left controller, you can do with the right controller.

🕹 Joystick

Used to navigate in Naer. Move forward, backwards and rotate your player. If you push the joystick into the controller, you will see your inventory. Here you can select different tools, like a spray can for drawing on walls. A quick click will select the previous tool selected.

🎮 Trigger

Used to select menu items, as well as grab items in the room.

🎮 Grip

Also used to grab items in the room, same way as the trigger button.

🔘 A/X button

Used to create a sticky note

🔘 B/Y button

Used to activate speech to text when you have created a sticky note.

🔘 Oculus button

Used to bring up the headset’s menu where you can choose to take video, pictures or quit the application.


On each controller you have tooltips to help you understand what different buttons do. In the image we are resting our thumbs on the X and A button, activating the tooltip. Pressing the button down will trigger the action described in the tooltip.

Interested in learning more? Check out Navigating in VR!

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