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Navigating in VR 🗺️
Navigating in VR 🗺️
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When you are in Naer, you can move around like you do in the real world, but since a meeting room is restricted in terms of size we use the controllers to go beyond the limits of our physical space. Nice, right?

Moving forward

  • On your controller, move the joystick (the tall tower-like button that moves in different directions) forward with your thumb.

  • You will see a ‘fishing line’ going out from your controller and hitting the ground.

  • When you release the joystick, you will ‘teleport’ to where the ‘fishing line’ hits the ground.

Taking a step back

  • On your controller, move the joystick back with your thumb.

  • When you release the joystick, you will move backward about one meter.


  • On your controller, move the joystick to either left or right.

  • When you move it, you will instantly rotate your view in the given direction.

Open inventory

  • On your controller, press and hold the joystick down (like you press any other button).

  • The inventory will now appear, move your controller into one of the bubbles and select that tool by releasing the joystick.

Tips: To select the previous tool, click the joystick quickly to select the previous tool.

Using the wrist menu ⌚

In the wrist menu you will find tools that only affect you, like muting yourself and selecting preferred language on speech recognition, along with useful tools such as what time it is and what room you are in.

Bring up the wrist menu

  • Hold up one of your controllers.

  • Turn it as you do when looking at you watch in the real world.

  • A menu pops up on your wrist displaying time, room, option to mute, and selecting language for the speech to text.

Select language for speech-to-text

When writing on sticky notes using speech-to-text, you can choose between English and Norwegian for your preferred language.

  • Open the wrist menu.

  • Point your right controller towards the icon with a flag.

  • Press down the trigger button when the blue line is pointed at the flag icon.

  • The symbol will change and you have now changed the language for speech-to-text.

Sticky notes

In a workshop, you can use sticky notes to summarise your ideas and thoughts.

Create sticky note

  • Hold up your controller.

  • Click on the button that says “Sticky Note” (place your thumb on the buttons to see the tooltips).

Write on sticky note

It would be a total mess having to type on a keyboard in VR, right? In Cohere, all you need to do is to talk to the sticky note and text magically appears!

  • Hold up your controller

  • Click and hold the button that says “Speech to Text” (place your thumb on the buttons to see the tooltips). You will hear a sound which indicates that Naer is recording your voice.

  • Say something cool like “This is cool”. While you are talking, the text appears on the sticky note.

  • Release the button and the text is saved on the sticky note.

Grab sticky note

  • Move your controller towards the sticky note so that they collide with each other.

  • Press and hold either the trigger button or the grab button.

  • Move the sticky note around

    • You can grab a sticky note and take it with you by grabbing the sticky note and use the navigation as you learned in the beginning of this article.

Change size of sticky note

  • Move both your controllers towards the sticky note so that they collide with the sticky note.

  • Press and hold the trigger on both controllers.

  • Move the controllers opposite ways to enlarge and shrink the sticky note.

Delete a sticky note

  • Grab sticky note with both controllers.

  • Shrink the sticky note until you feel the controllers vibrating.

  • If you let go with both controllers, the sticky note will be deleted.

  • To cancel the operation, just make the sticky note larger until you no longer feel the vibration.

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