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How to login using passwordless login method
How to login using passwordless login method

Need help signing in but can't use SSO?

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You should have gotten a new email invitation to join your team.


2. Type in your email address in the input field. Keep this window open.

3. Open your email program and look for an email from Naer.

4. Open the email and mark the text that includes the url (see video below).

5. Go back to your browser. Open a new tab next to

6. Past the url and hit enter. You should be able to enter your first and last name.

If the site then seems to load for a very long time, don't worry. Just click on the url in your browser, replace url with and you should be logged in and good to go (see video below).

Apologies for the high level of friction you experienced during the signup process, we are painfully aware of the issues you have experienced and are working on solving them.

If the steps still don't work for you, please contact Andreas at [email protected]

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